CS Lewis Book Study

Our choices for the upcoming book study are between Weight of Glory, Four Loves, Mere Christianity, and The Great Divorce. All written or delivered by CS Lewis. All four of these titles can be searched on the internet for all the background you’d like.  We will discuss an overview of each on Sunday May 3rd and vote on what to read as a group. The book study will be held in the regularly held zoom meeting on Thursdays at 7pm starting May 14th.


The Weight of Glory

A series of 9 sermons that Lewis gave during WWII. Some of these are lectures given on topics to Lewis by other oxford professors which can give it a headier collegiate read at times. We will be looking into at least one of these during our “Lewis Radio Discussions” series starting this week. His thoughts on human longing for perfection and heaven are a place to put our sighs and nostalgia in a life-giving place in our faith. 214 pages.

If you’d like an overview you can find it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Weight_of_Glory_and_Other_Addresses


Also, here is an audio version of the whole book if you want to check it out for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DO_c-GyyEaY


The Great Divorce

A look into the fictional analogy of what heaven, hell, and purgatory could be like. It is almost a fantasy book the way it draws you in. short, sweet, and incredibly insightful for 180 pages. It really hits the Greek idea of the next age being a journey and not just a destination. And it draws heavily from William Blake the Marriage of Heaven and Hell. 

Full audio version here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzpyRL3gto8

You can find plays and other great illustrations online.


The Four Loves

            Lewis takes a stab at the 4 Greek words for love. Family, sex, charity, friendship. His thoughts are a great insight and doorway to relationship and the pit falls amidst them. This is a great introductory book to Lewis’ writing style in a shorter book; 160pg. 


CSLewisDoodle illustrates the whole book across several videos. Here is the bit on “Affection”



Mere Christianity

            This is probably CS Lewis’ most popular apologetic writing. His second most read works after the Chronicles of Narnia. Originally part of his talks given on BBC radio during WWII. This is must read at some point in our walk with faith in my opinion. We will be listening to part of this during our “Lewis Radio Discussions” series. It covers a range of topics: faith, the natural law, pride, morality… It would be difficult to not be challenged as we discuss this book. 


            CSLewisDoodle has several videos illustrating the chapters in Mere Christianity, here is one on The Rival Conceptions of God: